Planting green into cover crops

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Four PPF members test conservation practices  By Barry Bubolz, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service Area Great Lakes Restoration Initiative coordinator  Some farmers have heard of the term “planting green.” However, many are unaware of the planting method and some have predetermined that it’s “crazy and can’t work this far north!”    Planting green refers to no-till planting into green and actively growing cover crops. This contrasts with past no-till practices, when no-till planting occurs into dead residues from the […]

PPF member conservation practice survey

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PPF requests members take a brief survey to understand what conservation practices are being done on the land. This survey will help the group get a better idea of what metrics can best capture desired conservation outcomes.   The 2019 survey is under way. Members can expect a call or text. It is critical that we have 100 percent participation.   To complete […]

What is the Dairy Strong Sustainability Alliance?

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What is the Dairy Strong Sustainability Alliance?  Supporting farmers in conservation and their sustainability journey  By Lauren Brey, director of strategic partnership and sustainability, Dairy Business Association and Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative    The Dairy Strong Sustainability Alliance (DSSA) is a collaborative, industry backed effort to promote and support farmer-led solutions to today’s environmental challenges, taking into account business viability […]

PPF member proud of their success

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Randy Schmidt wishes everyone could see the big picture that he sees as a fifth generation farmer and the only CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) owner in Door County. “I have three boys. I want to provide a future for them, just like my parents did for me, I don’t know why that’s a bad […]