Peninsula Pride Farms awarded Professional Dairy Producers Foundation grant

Professional Dairy Producers Foundation makes grant decisions
for education projects in 2017

The Professional Dairy Producers Foundation (PDPF) board of directors has made its funding decisions for education projects for dairy producers and their communities.   The Foundation is proud to award the following grants:

Peninsula Pride Farms Inc.  for a Pathogens in our Environment Program.  Through working with local health departments and hospitals a curriculum will be developed to educate farmers and the public on the sources, acceptable levels and species of pathogens that pose a risk to human health and safety.  The goal of this program is to combine research and implement programs to reduce pathogens on dairies.

In addition to Peninsula Pride Farms, the following organizations also received grants:

Wisconsin Center for Agriculture and Environmental Resources (WiCAER) to evaluate pathogen movement toward groundwater and to identify practices to reduce pathogen levels. WiCAER is working on an innovative sampling protocol to gain knowledge of the levels and types of pathogens in the environment.  The goal is to help farmers gain understanding of pathogens from dairy manure and from the natural environment.

Huey’s Hideaway Children’s Museum of Medford, Wisconsin to enhance agricultural and science education exhibits in the museum.  Guests explore the world of agriculture and the science behind it to gain a better appreciation for the world of dairy and farming.  The goal of the museum is to provide a bridge between the community and dairy farming through education.  An afternoon at minimal investment for a family provides an opportunity to explore new worlds, engage in new ideas and challenge their own world view as they grow and engage with farming.

Center for Dairy Excellence Foundation of Pennsylvania to enhance Dairy leaders of Tomorrow through exploration experiences.  This new branch of the program will offer middle school and high school students that display a strong interest in the dairy industry the opportunity to explore careers and network with industry professionals while diving deeper into different sectors of the dairy industry through hands-on experimental learning experiences.

New York Animal Agriculture Coalition to view and discuss with millennials on college campuses a mini documentary to help direct and impact young consumer attitudes about dairy. The goal of the pilot is to open the eyes and minds of millennial consumers to modern dairy farms.  The project will also empower dairy students to be effective advocates for their industry by providing skills and training to participate in a farmer panel following the viewing of the documentary.

Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom to develop a dairy farm-to-table poster that would be available to teachers conducting dairy focused educational experiences and to fund seven field trips for K-12 students to visit a dairy farm.  The goal of the program is to allow dairy producers to develop and strengthen their leadership skills by establishing partnerships with K-12 teachers.  Both farmers and students will gain valuable experience through the telling of the dairy production story.  Education will lead to an increased level of trust in the quality of their food and the farmers who produce it.

The Professional Dairy Producers Foundation awards grants to non-profit organizations who share the Foundation’s passion and vision for education in dairy communities. Grant dollars are available to those organizations with unique ideas in the following two focus areas: 1) Building producer professionalism, or 2) Maintaining public trust.

The next granting period begins now, with grant applications due June 1, 2017. Organizations may apply for grants of up to $5,000. The maximum amount given to any one organization will be $5,000. For grant criteria and an application package, visit

The Professional Dairy Producers Foundation is a producer-led 501(c)(3) charitable organization that raises funds for educational programs throughout the United States. The Foundation supports programs that develop the skills of our dairy producers and youth and maintain public trust. For more information on programs funded and ways to donate, visit

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