PPF member proud of their success

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Randy Schmidt wishes everyone could see the big picture that he sees as a fifth generation farmer and the only CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) owner in Door County.

“I have three boys. I want to provide a future for them, just like my parents did for me, I don’t know why that’s a bad thing,” he said in a sit-down with the Pulse just a week after a punishing public hearing he, his family and employees endured regarding a permit renewal for their farm, S&S Jerseyland Dairy in Forestville. “The technologies we are looking at down the road, it’s endless. To me it’s a great thing. To always improve and leave the land in better shape than when you took it, that’s what we do. It’s in our blood. It’s hard to sit and listen to people tear you apart instead of coming to the farm and asking, ‘Hey, what are you really doing?’”

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