Looking to 2019 with optimism

Don Niles, president

Greetings once again! It is time to wrap up another year. For those of us involved in agriculture, 2018 had a few bumps in the road. Being optimists in general, most of us are looking to 2019 as being an upgrade from what we just went through.

In many ways Peninsula Pride Farms can help in that endeavor. We are an organization built on the idea of farmers collaborating with each other. This means we don’t have to all try the same things and occasionally make the same mistakes.

If one member farm did something that worked well this fall to reduce any potential environmental issues, we are happy to share it with the group through field days, demonstrations and presentations. This means that not all of us have to reinvent the same wheel but are free to work on other “wheels.” Some things work and some things don’t but collectively we all move ahead.

This is the primary reason we provide cost sharing for several protective practices. In this way, we can reduce the “learning cost” of some new and different techniques. Last year, we continued with the cost-share program for cover crops, but we also added in cost share for split nitrogen application, buffer installations around sink holes and testing to determine soil depth to bedrock. In addition, we are having signs made that can mark areas where conservation practices were applied. In this manner, people inside and outside the organization can see what we are doing and how it’s working.

Ewell Smith, keynote speaker

I would personally like to invite you to our third annual meeting on Feb. 13 at the Kewaunee County Fairgrounds in Luxemburg. We will have presentations and displays focusing on new ideas. In addition, we will have a keynote speaker, Ewell Smith, from the Gulf Coast area. Ewell will talk about how the Gulf fishing community has gone through challenges, some man-made, some natural in origin. Most importantly he will show us how they have grown and prospered, while at the same time better connecting with their community.

At the annual meeting, we will also be looking for your input on how we are doing as an organization. We would like to know what you’d like to see more of as well as any other changes. This meeting is a great opportunity for members to speak up, both with their thoughts and ideas, as well as their vote, as the annual meeting includes our election process.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. The meeting should be a great opportunity to talk and collaborate with other farmers and industry partners who are also trying to navigate the challenging times ahead in 2019.

Notice of Peninsula Pride Farms Annual Member Meeting
The annual member meeting of Peninsula Pride Farms, Inc will be held Wed., Feb. 13 at 2 p.m. in the Exhibition Hall of the Kewaunee County Fairgrounds in Luxemburg, WI. The annual meeting is being held in conjunction with the PPF annual conference that begins at 9:30 a.m.The business meeting will include election of directors, committee reports, financial overview and a proposed by-law amendment. All paid members may vote. The proposed by-law amendment altering the qualifications and structure of the board of directors will be discussed as part of this meeting.

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