Save the Bay Farm Field Day Sept. 6

Who: Congressman Mike Gallagher, producers, processors, cooperatives, agribusiness owners, community leaders, elected officials
What: Free Farm Field Day to showcase practices that build soil resiliency and preserve water quality. Congressman Gallagher will also field questions on actions and legislation that impact farmers and the farming community.
When & Where:
10:00 – 11:45 a.m. – Tauchen Harmony Valley. Meet at W4576 Cty. Rd. BE, Bonduel

  • Rotational grazing of dairy heifers – approximately 1 mile west of Bonduel on Old Hwy. 29 (County Road BE)
  • Interseeding cover crops into corn – near W2702 River Road, Bonduel
  • Cover crops and no-till planting

1:00 – 2:45 p.m. – Erickson Dairy Farm, N9602 County Road D, Bear Creek

  • Cocktail mix of forages
  • No-till planting (removed harvestable buffers, the grass/legume mix is used as a whole field buffer instead of only buffers along surface waterbodies)
  • Low-disturbance manure application (weather permitting)
  • Grass/legume mix planted in critical areas

Why: Many farmers who use conservation practices such as cover crops and no-till plantings find their soils to be more resilient when battered with torrential rains and other weather extremes. Field runoff of excess phosphorus and sediment also fuel harmful algal blooms, which clog waterways, smother lakes and close beaches. Wind and water erode vulnerable topsoil, overworked and left bare from conventional planting practices. Save the Bay is a collaborative initiative to identify and share practices that are found to be effective in reducing compaction and improving infiltration of water and nutrients. The Farm Field Day is intended to share the science, setbacks and successes of practices that not only build soil health and reduce inputs but protect waterways and lakes as well.

How to Sign up: 920-301-4500 or by September 4th
RSVP so you can be notified should the weather dictate a change in venue.

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