2019 PPF Cost Share Program Enrollment: Due Dec. 1

The following cost-share programs are available to PPF members in 2019:

  1. Cover Crops – $30/acre; max 50 acres
  2. Harvestable Buffer – $325/acre; max 4.6 acres
  3. Depth of Soil Over Bedrock – max $1,500/member
  4. Split Nitrogen Application – $10/acre; max $1,500/member
  5. Low Disturbance Manure Applications – max $1,500/member

To participate in PPF’s 2019 program(s), please indicate which program(s) you would like to enroll in and the number of acres/samples you are enrolling. Receipts or other appropriate documentation are required for all programs, in addition to the completion of the PPF Conservation Practice Survey and voluntary sharing of SnapPlus files. All data collected will remain confidential. Final cost-share payments are dependent on available funds and will be distributed in early 2020. For specific program details, see page 2 on the 2019 PPF Cost Share Program Enrollment Form listed below.

To enroll in the 2019 PPF Cost Share Program Enrollment Form by placing a check mark next to your desired program(s) and completing the information requested.

Turn in completed forms to Nick Guilette, Nathen Nysse or Adam Barta, OR mail to PPF, ATTN: Cost-Share program, E3576 Cardinal Rd, Casco, WI 54205,
with receipts, by Dec. 1.

Additional questions regarding these programs and eligibility can be addressed by contacting Nick, Nathen or Adam:

Nick Guilette

Nathen Nysse

Adam Barta

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