Don Niles appears on Peninsula Pulse podcast

Peninsula Pulse editor Debra Fitzgerald talked with Peninsula Pride Farms President Don Niles on the Door County Pulse Podcast. They discussed Niles farm Dairy Dreams, the efforts PPF members are making in the field, how the group began and the importance of cover crops and other conservation practices.

Podcast breakdown:
1:02: Don talks about his farm, Dairy Dreams, and his farming background
1:59: Uniqueness of Dairy Dreams
2:30: Owning and taking care of livestock
2:57: History and information of Peninsula Pride Farms
4:57: Working with agencies for information and cost-share funding
6:31: PPF had goals early on, including cover crops
7:24: What are cover crops and how they work
8:13: Using cover crops for forage and to hold soil in place
9:05: Cover crops aid in keeping phosphorus and nitrogen in the soil
10:32: PPF has 18,000 acres in cover crops
11:53: How farmers can receive cost-share funds
13:10: How does PPF know cover crops work?
14:32: PPF’s announcement on 2019 analysis
15:55: Data on PPF’s reduction of phosphorus and soil erosion
17:17: PPF membership is open for all farmers
20:30: Seminal moment if PPF’s history
22:00: PPF is working towards a solution for the last five years

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