Slow start, off to great things

By Don Niles, board president

As I write this, I wonder what farmers will have time to read this message. We are finally being blessed with a few sunny days strung together. Unbelievably wet conditions have been with us all spring. It’s nice to see fertilizer and seed finally heading out where they can do some good.

The weather we have had also provided some great examples of the benefits resulting from reduced and no-tillage, cover crops and other practices that PPF supports with our cost-share program. Improved practices have helped a tremendous number of acres avoid some of the runoff problems that would normally occur in such a year.

To help facilitate opportunities for members to meet during these busy and productive times, we are happy to have already resumed the popular Conservation Conversations. These short monthly events are designed to highlight a practice appropriate to the season at the farm site, along with an open discussion of what has been working and what challenges are encountered.

As far as the PPF organization is concerned, we continue to grow membership and find ways to introduce and support new ideas. The board of directors remains very focused on continuing our efforts to provide value to our members. As always, if you encounter any new ideas or practices you think would be helpful in our efforts to demonstrate that we can have clean, safe water, as well as a thriving agricultural community on the Door Peninsula, please let us know. We flourish on sharing information with each other. It’s what we are here for. Happy spring! -Don

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