Business Member Profile: Dave Rueckl

By Anne Moore for PPF

Dave Rueckl, owner of Rueckl Oil Inc has been a long-standing loyal member of Peninsula Pride Farms. He started his own business delivering diesel fuel, fuel oil and gasoline in 1994.

A familiar face to many PPF members, Rueckl started out in the fuel business 43 years ago, so he’s been working with farmers for a long time. When conservation practices were becoming more common, he didn’t completely understand all the farming practices being adopted or what they meant, so he attended a PPF annual meeting.
He left that meeting with a wealth of knowledge on the new innovative practices farmers were implementing across the peninsula. He learned about the importance of having a plan to spread manure, the well-water projects PPF supports and the positive impact the group was having in his community.

He is a great member of PPF not only because he supports the positive work of the group, but also because he shares the story whenever possible. He has other non-farm customers that don’t fully understand farmers’ decisions. For example, he has had people ask him about water quality and manure spreading with concern; however, from his involvement with PPF, he feels confident in sharing with these customers the truth and positive effect farmers are having on the land.

“Farmers are true stewards of the land, and I am grateful to have learned enough to help ‘set the record straight’ in the non-farming community where those people may not have any interaction with farmers,” Rueckl said.

He is advocating for PPF members as often as he can. He truly believes in the good work and has seen the positive results.
He and his wife, Gail, also own two charter boats on Lake Michigan. They can tell that the lake is much clearer than it was 25 years ago. He said it’s getting so clean that in 50 feet of water on a bright day you can see the flasher going down.

He’s proud to continue supporting PPF and the farmers making positive changes. This past May, Rueckl sold his business to Ellisville Luxemburg Cooperative to be able to help his family. But he said the cooperative plans to continue supporting PPF in the new year when his membership is up for renewal.
Peninsula Pride Farms wouldn’t be who they are without the support of its members, so thank you for being a member!

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