Glad to see continued growth

By Don Niles, board president

Once again, we find ourselves on the tail end of another cropping season. It has been a very productive year, with ample opportunity to grow and harvest an abundant high-quality crop, apply manure in a well-controlled manner and establish conservation measures.

Regarding conservation practices, we have a widely diverse spectrum of practices to choose from. Many practices such as cover cropping are becoming a “new norm” for most operations. That allows our members to focus their attention, as well as cost share dollars, on new practices.

Final details are being worked out for our upcoming annual meeting to be held Feb. 14. Please put that date in your calendars. Once again, the board is looking to put together the correct blend of information, conversation and entertainment. I always look forward to this meeting. It’s a time most of us can spare to mark the end of last year’s efforts and gear up for the next run.

We are fortunate to be in the position to continue offering cost-share support to members for their new practices.

The board has kept PPF in sound financial condition. Once again, PPF has been offered financial support from DATCP. In addition, we benefit from strong financial support from The Nature Conservancy, as well as our member’s dues. It is very gratifying to the board of directors to have these funding resources all pulling together to demonstrate that we can have a strong agricultural community along with a clean healthy community on the Door County Peninsula.

As a thank you to our members, we have purchased PPF winter hats and spring baseball caps. If you pay your dues at the annual meeting, you can take one home.

Please accept my personal thanks for the time and effort you all put into demonstrating this year after year!


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