About us

In spring 2016, farmers and supportive businesses came together to address agriculture’s role in improving water quality in Kewaunee and southern Door counties in northeastern Wisconsin.

These passionate and committed individuals formed Peninsula Pride Farms, an organization led by farmers to leverage the ingenuity of the agricultural community, university research and scientists to meet water quality challenges.

This is the first local collaboration of its kind in an area dealing with decades-long water quality issues. Today, the growing group has 50 farmers, with farms of all sizes, representing half of the cows and tillable acres in the region, in addition to 10 business members.

We are proud of our work so far but understand there is much more to be done and have set an even more aggressive second year of programming. The dedication of our members is remarkable — dedication to their family farms, their neighbors and the community.




— Don Niles

Our Vision

Clean, safe water and a thriving agricultural community together on the Door-Kewaunee Peninsula.

Our Mission

As farmers and caretakers of the environment, we are committed to protecting, nurturing and sustaining our precious soil, water and air. To foster environmental stewardship, we will promote practices with measurable outcomes that secure and enrich the future of our shared community.

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Our Philosophy

Our culture is one in which farmers are empowered to continuously improve on practices that affect the environment. Through peer-to-peer mentoring and other forms of support, we challenge ourselves to be models of sustainability. Goals and expectations are high and so, too, is our commitment to each other’s success and the well-being of our community.

Peninsula Pride Farms is organized and incorporated as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

The board

Directors are elected during the annual meeting each January. Members total 13, including eight farmers and five corporate members who serve terms of one, two or three years.


Farmers who own or operate land in Kewaunee or southern Door counties are eligible for membership. Agricultural trade associations and agribusinesses are also eligible. A written application must be made to the board. The board also considers honorary advisers and community partners.


Annual dues are $100 for farmers with fewer than 500 cows or acres, and $500 for farmers with more than 500 cows or acres. Trade groups and agribusinesses pay $100 (community partners) or $500 (members).


The organization’s budget is made up of dues, grants, gifts and sponsorships. Contributions are tax deductible, as the group is a 501(c)3 organization.

Contact information

General information, sponsorships, membership and Water Well program
Don Niles, PPF president – (920) 837-2777 or donniles@dairy-dreams.com

Media inquiries
Jamie Mara – (920) 209-3990 or jmara@dairyforward.com