Dairy farmers voice support for local communities, sustainability efforts

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By MaryBeth Matzek Midwest Agriculture Almanac Farmers and agricultural professionals from Kewaunee County gathered Tuesday morning at a local dairy to voice their commitment to agriculture, the community and the environment. “We are committed to the belief that agriculture, a strong community and environmentalism can co-exist. Farms are an important part of our local communities,” […]

British agronomist visits with PPF

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British agronomist Tim Stephens traveled to Kewaunee County on Oct. 27 as part of a fact-finding mission he is on to help farmers in southwest England deal with environmental issues. Specifically, Stephens met with members of the Peninsula Pride Farms, the farmer-led initiative to use science to make farming more environmentally friendly. Stephens is employed […]

Manure irrigation ordinance sent back to committee

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By Warren Bluhm, The Kewaunee Comet A proposed Kewaunee County ordinance to more strictly regulate the spreading of liquid manure over farm fields was sent back to committee Tuesday, after representatives of several large farms objected to the measure as potentially cost-prohibitive. The first draft of the Waste Irrigation Ordinance was introduced in May to […]

PPF member proud of their success

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Randy Schmidt wishes everyone could see the big picture that he sees as a fifth generation farmer and the only CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) owner in Door County. “I have three boys. I want to provide a future for them, just like my parents did for me, I don’t know why that’s a bad […]