TNC Cover Crop Trial Incentive Program

To promote adoption of conservation practices, Peninsula Pride Farms (PPF) is offering cost-share funds to farmers to do trials of cover-crop and planting green. This program is open to members and non-members and has three options (Choose one):

Plant cover crops that over winter: $40 per acre for up to 25 acres. Members and non-members who have not planted cover crops as a new practice and agree to do so in the fall of 2023.
Plant a multispecies cover crop mix: $60 per acre for up to 25 acres on new acres only. Members and non-members who are planting a multi-species cover crop mix over the winter of 2023. At least one species must survive the winter.
Plant green into a winter cover crop in the spring of 2024: $60 per acre for up to 25 acres on new acres only. Members and non-members who plant green into a cover crop in the spring of 2024. The cover crop must not be grazed, hayed, or terminated until the spring crop is planted. Termination requirements are no more than a week before planting.

All individual farm data is confidential. You can either complete the form online: click here or download below and fill out the form by December 1 to enroll.

Sponsored by The Nature Conservancy

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